What To Know About Hiring A Towing Service To Stop Unauthorized Parking On Your Business's Property

Posted on: 8 March 2017

If your business is located in a densely populated urban area, you may find that it can be difficult to prevent unauthorized cars from parking on your property. In addition to potentially increasing your legal liability, this could also prevent customers or clients from being able to conveniently parking when they visit your business.

What Can Be Done To Prevent Cars From Parking On Your Business's Property?

There can be numerous options for ensuring only authorized cars park on your property, but many of these may be expensive. For example, it would be possible to hire a security attendant to monitor the entrance of the property. However, smaller enterprises may struggle to afford this option. One of the most cost-effective ways of preventing this problem from causing issues for your business is to hire a towing service to monitor your property. When an unauthorized car parks on the premises, a tow truck will be dispatched to remove it. To monitor for these vehicles, the towing service may strategically place cameras around the property so that any vehicles can be seen. Due to the fact that the towing service charges individuals to have their car returned, your business may only need to pay a small fee in order to start using these services.

How Will Individuals Know Where To Pick Up Their Cars?

In the event that a person parks on your property and their car is towed, they will need to contact the towing company in order to arrange to retrieve it. To help facilitate this, you should place notices around the property that clearly display contact information for the towing company.

While you may not like having these signs around your property, it is important to know that they are more than a courtesy. In fact, it is often a legal requirement for your property to clearly display that unauthorized cars will be towed and the contact information for the towing service. Failing to comply with these regulations could leave your business liable for fines and other damages.

Preventing cars from improperly parking on your business's property is something that needs to be done to keep your business safe and convenient for your customers. Yet, you might underestimate the options that are available to you when it concerns addressing this problem. By appreciating that you can hire a towing service to monitor your property for unauthorized parking and the need to clearly display contact information for the towing company, you will find that this is an easier problem for you to address.

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