What The Noises From Your Transmission Mean

Posted on: 21 April 2017

Is your car making weird sounds that you suspect are related to your transmission? Perhaps you have also noticed performance issues that have led you to firmly believe that your transmission is the cause. Replacing a transmission can be a costly endeavor. This is why suspected issues should be addressed in a timely manner. The following points will help you assess whether the sound(s) you are hearing are related to your transmission.

Constant Whining 

You may hear a whining sound that is only intermittent. However, some car owners hear a constant whining sound when they use their vehicles. This sound may be indicative of torque converter issues. This type of whining will usually be present regardless of what gear the vehicle is in. The sound will go away when the vehicle is in neutral or park. You may also experience this phenomenon if your planetary gear system is damaged. Suspected torque converter or planetary gear system issues need to be assessed by professional mechanics and treated as emergency transmission repair problems.

High-Pitched Whining in Reverse

Your transmission fluid filter can get clogged. When this occurs, it can be difficult for the fluid to filter through. This can result in a high-pitched whining sound that is evident when the vehicle is put into reverse gear. The clogs can occur as the result of debris getting trapped in the filter. Although it might sound like a clogged transmission filter is a minor issue, it is important to keep in mind that continuing to operate your vehicle with a clogged transmission fluid filter can cause significant damage to your transmission. 

Bubbling Noises

Your transmission has to have a certain level of fluid in it to operate. If the fluid gets lows, your transmission will not be lubricated properly. Transmission fluid levels can get depleted due to leaks. It is also possible for them to deplete over time if you do not get your vehicle serviced. If you notice that your gears are slipping and you hear a bubbling noise, the transmission fluid level in your vehicle may be critically low, which could damage your transmission. 

A transmission shop is a good resource to use to determine whether your vehicle's strange noises are related to your transmission. They can make repairs or service your transmission, which could extend its life. The professionals can also show you how to add transmission fluid to your vehicle and how to check your transmission fluid levels.