3 Telltale Signs That It's Time To Get A Radiator From A New Or Used Car Parts Dealer

Posted on: 29 November 2022

Vehicles are manufactured with thousands of minor and major car parts. Major parts can cause serious mechanical breakdowns. Most of the time vehicles show signs that they are on the verge of a breakdown. However, drivers might disregard the importance of the changes in their vehicle's performance. This can lead to a repair issue becoming a parts replacement issue. Replacing parts can be an expensive endeavor, and the labor to replace the parts is an additional cost. 

Radiators are responsible for keeping engines cool. The process involves the thermostat registering the heat of an engine and sending a signal to the radiator to release coolant. The coolant extracts the heat from the engine and goes back into the radiator. A fan activates to blow cool air, and the process repeats, most drivers are unaware of the cycle. Sometimes a running fan might be heard when a vehicle is turned off. A bad radiator must be repaired or replaced due to the risks of an overheated engine and irreparable damage. The following points identify signs of a radiator that is failing. 

Changes in Coolant Color

The coolants that are added to radiators are green, pink, yellow, or red in color. If there is an issue with the radiator, the color will change to an abnormal brownish hue. It may be mistaken for oil if the radiator has a leak and the driver sees the liquid on the ground. This is why it is important to get all leaks inspected by an automotive shop to determine what they are.

Engine Overheating

This is often the first sign that drivers notice. Overheating is almost always related to the radiator. However, other parts such as loose fans, faulty thermostats, cracked hoses, or broken belts may also interfere with the cooling process. Radiators are prone to bursting, which is why individuals should use caution when their engines overheat. If a radiator is losing coolant, overheating will occur. The temperature gauge in the dashboard is a key indicator when an engine's heat is excessive.

Core Damage

Radiators have various parts, but the core is the most important part. A damaged core is usually best viewed as the radiator at the end of its lifecycle, which will mean replacing it. Some drivers are not prepared for the expense of investing in new car parts. These drivers can take advantage of finding a used parts dealer that tests their refurbished radiators for quality. Some of these dealers also offer warranties on their parts.

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