Items You Should Expect To Be Included In An Off-Road Recovery Kit

Posted on: 17 May 2019

Investing a good off-road recovery kit could mean the difference between actually getting out of a sticky situation when you're four-wheel-driving and just staring at a stuck vehicle until help arrives. A lot of off-roaders piece together what they feel is a good recovery kit on their own, only to find later when situations happen that they are missing vital components. There are full, ready-to-buy kits out there. However, not every off-road recovery kit out there is going to have everything you truly need. Take a look at some of the stuff you should expect to see in a really good off-road recovery kit for your 4x4 vehicle. 

A Good Winch Extension Strap 

Your winch may be outfitted with a good cable, strap, or chain, but what will you do if what is already there is just short of the length you actually need to reach that tree? A winch extension strap will connect to the existing winch to give you the added length that could make a world of difference. 

Extra D-Ring Shackles

These shackles are used for connecting your winch to the strap you've connected to a tree or to another vehicle, and you will need these things possibly just as much as your winch itself. If the connection between the winch and the anchoring spot is not secure, you risk losing connection during a pull and putting yourself or your vehicle in danger of damage. A good recovery kit will have a few good D-ring shackles that you can use to bridge connections securely. 

A Heavy-Duty Bag 

All of the other stuff in the kit is for getting your vehicle recovered, but a good bag to keep your recovery tools in is just as important. When you do get stuck, you can just grab the bag and get to work instead of fumbling in the tool compartment for all your supplies. The best kits are housed in a heavy-duty bag of some sort that is easy to stow away and retrieve when the moment calls for the contents. 

A Tree-Safe Strap

Wrapping a cable line or chain around a tree is a surefire way to harm the tree or severely scar it. A tree-safe strap is designed to wrap around the tree and hook to a D-ring that connects to your winch. Using this strap will save the tree, and it will also prevent unwanted damage to your chain or winch cable. 

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